Residential Property Management

J. Luis Properties, Inc. provides investment property management services in South Florida, exclusively for residential property in Miami-Dade County. J. Luis has carved out their niche in residential property management, focusing on the needs of the smaller private investor. At J. Luis, they understand the importance of no-hassle investing that’s why they live by the the motto, “You do the investing and we’ll take care of the headaches.”

With J. Luis managing your residential properties, you can rest assured there will be no more 2 am phone calls from distressed tenants. J. Luis handles all your property management needs, they become the de facto owner giving the investor the free time needed to do what they love doing best, investing.

Imagine owning a residential investment property and the only reason you know that you own it is because you receive a monthly check and statement from the management company. That’s what J. Luis can do for you. Give them a call and get started on forming a relationship that will save you time, money and sleepless nights. No obligation.

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