J. Luis’ Concierge Service

J. Luis provides a variety of services catering to the needs of those who value their time. J. Luis can help in many ways from completing simple errands for someone with special needs, to arranging a “covert” extravagant event for a renown local, J. Luis will not disappoint. J. Luis values privacy and many celebrities seek concierge services to get those every day tasks done that the paparazzi make impossible. Below are just a small sampling of the services provided:

  • Errand Service (dry cleaning, post office, banking, pharmacy, delivery, etc.)
  • Child Care Service (chauffeuring, supervision)
  • Dining and Activities (tickets, reservations, tee times, private tours)
  • Executive and Corporate Assistance (planning meetings, transporting clients, organizational services)
  • House-sitting Service (plants and garden, fill fridge for arrival, check on teens)
  • Office Help (filing, organizing, copying, faxing)
  • Pet Care Service (feeding, walks, grooming)
  • Planning Dinner Parties and Other Events(invitations, food and drink, decorating, music/entertainment)
  • Relocation Service (evaluating homes and rentals, moving and storage arrangements, settling-in services)
  • Repair and Maintenance Service (arranging service, getting quotes, allowing access)
  • Shopping Service (groceries, gifts, gift-wrapping, item returns)
  • Technology Solutions (websites, PDAs)
  • Transportation Service (airport, within the city)
  • Travel Service (planning and booking)
  • Writing/Proofreading Service
  • Other Services (meal service, reminder service, handling mini-emergencies, etc.)

If you do not see a service listed above, please call or e-mail to inquire about those additional services. All requests will be kept to the utmost diligent privacy. It’s what sets J. Luis apart.

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