J. Luis advertises all properties in the most comprehensive and proven way in today’s market. Please find below some of the main vehicles used in which properties are marketed:

Yard Signs

Yard signs can be an effective complimentary form of advertising. They should never be used alone or as the sole means of generating tenant leads. Some of our clients elect to go without the yard sign for security reasons.


All vacant properties are listed on the J. Luis website as well as dozens of other national and local websites with link backs to many other websites through cooperative agreements. In addition, the J. Luis website has become the go-to resource for our tenants, clients and community alike. It includes valuable information to assist our clients and tenants with their needs such as maintenance requests, payments, local area links and frequently asked questions.

Southeast Florida Realtors®

All vacant properties are listed on the Southeast Florida Multiple Listing Service website which allows all Realtors® access to our properties. This enables all Realtors® to assist their clients with their housing needs.

Digital Photos

When possible, custom interior photographs are taken for most of the properties so they can be marketed to their maximum potential and let their interior features shine. These photographs will be visible to all the web community.


Lockboxes are placed on all vacant properties so that all local Realtors® can show vacancies to their clients. For security reasons, only verified licensed Realtors® are given access via lockboxes.

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